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Re: [rt-pmc] RT PMC Meeting Participation


I agreed with Jochen to attend for the RAP project. As co-lead of the
project, I'd like to take the opportunity to represent RAP in this

Regards, Ralf

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 16:57, Thomas Watson <tjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We postponed the RT-PMC call last week to this week. Only Jesse and I joined
> the call. Did folks forget we moved the call or simply have conflicts?
> Please see http://wiki.eclipse.org/RT for the google calendar with the
> meeting times.
> The RT-PMC is really starting to hurt because of lack of participation. Each
> RT project needs to nominate a representative which can attend the calls and
> participate in the mailing list discussions.
> Here is the list of RT projects and the known RT-PMC representatives:
> Apricot - New project, needs representation, is anyone from apricot
> monitoring this mailing list?
> ECF - Markus Knauer
> EclipseLink - Doug Clarke
> Equinox - Tom Watson
> eRCP - Mark Rogalski - is this project in hibernation?
> Gemini - Mike Keith
> Jetty - Jesse McConnell
> RAP - Jochen Krause?? Needs a new rep?
> Riena - Christian Campo
> Smila - ?? needs representation
> Virgo - Glyn Normington
> We moved the RT-PMC calls back by 30 minutes because some folks on the PMC
> indicated that this time would allow them to participate in the calls. I
> don't think this has happened. Is the problem the time slot for the call?
> Are there other suggestions for gaining more participation? If you see your
> name on the list above and you are not joining the calls regularly then
> please let us know how we can get your participation. If you are unable or
> unwilling to participate then we must find another representative from your
> project that is willing and able to participate.
> Thanks for you attention.
> Tom
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