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[rt-pmc] Virgo

I am a little confused..maybe someone can help explain to me what is
going on here.

on the Virgo project proposal it states how it intends to work with
the various other projects in the Eclipse Runtime project.




The Virgo server obtains its web application support via the Eclipse
Gemini Web Container project. This project in turn uses an embedded
Apache Tomcat servlet container. The dependency on Tomcat is via a
simple service published in the service registry, and for users
wishing to work with Jetty, replacement of the Tomcat bundle(s) with
Jetty bundle(s) exporting a service under the same interface is all
that will be required to swap.


Why, with jetty as an eclipse component _in_ the eclipse runtime
project, would jetty not be the default for all such use cases here?
Is there some technical decision driving this here or is it purely
political or something outside of my understanding?  Its stated to be
a simple service and simple to swap out so based on that alone it
seems like it ought to default to the project that is _actually_ a
part of the eclipse runtime project.

And if it is a technical reason I would love to hear it, better yet
have had someone even come talk to me, us, the jetty project or
_something_ before seeing this come through in a project proposal.

So does anyone know what is going on here?


jesse mcconnell