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Re: [rt-pmc] Swordfish Release

As I understand the current situation, some triage has been done on the CQ discrepancies.  I've approved several CQs that were simply missing.  There are however several things that are not yet resolved and we do not have a concrete timeline for addressing them.  With that in mind, Jochen and I agree that the release should be removed pending clarifications.  The rest of the PMC should speak up now if they disagree.


Mike Milinkovich wrote:



It has come to the attention of the EMO that there are discrepancies between the list of third-party packages listed by the Swordfish project in its Release Review documentation and their filed CQs and what is actually shipping with their release. The EMO would like the PMC’s concurrence to removing this release and revoking Swordfish’s Release Review until these discrepancies are addressed.


I am on vacation this week, if you have any questions please use Wayne Beaton as your EMO point person on this issue.




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