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[rmf-dev] Eat your own dogfood (Step 1)

Dear all,

Lukas started to implement a script that takes .reqif files from the git repository and generates public HTML files with an unchanging URL.  This will allow us to specify nontrivial features (i.e. those too big for a Bugzilla entry) using ProR.  These can then be linked to from the Wiki.  To give you an idea, I moved the importer feature description from the Wiki to a reqif model:


The .reqif files reside at org.eclipse.rmf.git/dump/reqif

Any changes on that file will eventually lead to an updated HTML file.  This is, for now, a proof of concept with a few caveats:
  • The renderer currently ignores advanced formatting
  • Not all presentations can be used
  • Problems with the .reqif files break the build
  • We should decide on a better location (dump sounds dumpy) - should we leave them in the developer repository, or would a separate repository be more appropriate?

- Michael

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