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Re: [riena-dev] what is in the source bundle ?

Am 23.02.10 22:37, schrieb Elias Volanakis:
By the way, as far as I know the src settings are additive (i.e. src =
"" + bin).

Personally, I think my typical use for source bundles is having the
source when debugging. If I wanted to work with the source I would get
it from CVS.

+1 makes sense for me, too
thx christian for asking this - was also a question for me what exactly should be part of a source bundle

Just my 2c,

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 4:14 AM, Christian Campo
<Christian.Campo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I would like to start a discussion what belongs into a source bundle.

Currently we are putting basically all the stuff in there that can be used
for reference (at development time) from riena like source files.
So the bin jar contains
- class binary files
- schemas
- /icons directories
- plugin.xml
- about.html
the src jar contains
- class source files
- about.html
- plugin.properties

The usecase is now that I import (with source code) a bundle, I like to
patch it and reexport it into a new jar and source jar. And the question is,
do we supply enough content for that.
Now if you import a bundle with source code, you get all the content from
bin AND source jar and the class binary files are obviously compiled again
in your workspace.
One thing that was noted is that we dont supply is build.properties. Other
eclipse projects also dont supply them. We also have sometimes .gifs in the
source tree that are in the middle of the classes hierarchy)
(http://bugs.eclipse.org/303598). Those end up being in the bin jar but not
in the source jar (which seems wrong).
Any feedback from committers, contributers or community is highly

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