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[recommenders-dev] Improved version of Call Chain Completion available

Hey all,

today, we've merged a new implementation of Call Chain Completion into the head channel. It now solely works on AST nodes for speed improvements (about 3x) and thus has had large portions of its code rewritten. Also, we are now able to delegate more jobs to JDT, such as determining which fields and methods are visible from the invocation site, which allows to obtain even more suggestions.

But with significant changes comes the risk of bugs, so we'd love to see if you can have an eye on the results once in a while and report suspicious behaviour :-). I assume exceptions, both unhandled and logged, as well as missing suggestions are the major hotspots here, especially when nesting and visibility levels come into play.

In any case, we'd also love to hear about your thoughts and suggestions for improvement.

Hope to see this feature working fine for you!

-- Stefan