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Re: [recommenders-dev] Recommenders Talk at JavaOne accepted


you can't blame me for asking ;) : How about stacktrace search on Eclipse.org Bugzilla and/or forums? I'd love to see this in action!


On 08.06.2012, at 06:57, Marcel Bruch wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm happy to announce that an extended talk (1 hour) about Code Recommenders has been accepted at JavaOne end of September in San Francisco.

Just a few organizational thoughts:
Slides have to be submitted on the 20th August. I'm not sure yet whether I can give a live demo. However, I'd like to reuse and refine the EclipseCon talk and add a few of the latest developments. I'd be glad to present Snipmatch, Code Search, Chain++, and Multi-Object Code Snippets as new innovative concepts in this talk. The latter three topics I'll discuss face-to-face in the next weeks. For Snipmatch, I've no doubt that there will be a great piece software at the end of this summer ;)

Let me know if you have ideas on which parts or how your tools should be presented at JavaOne.


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