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Re: [recommenders-dev] server-side storage - Was: Call for Error Reports

On 07.03.2012, at 09:12, Chen Cheng wrote:

Local search version need also server side to synchronize and update snippets, so we should think about this point, where should we host the GIT based server side snippets store.

Just a few notes on this.

Eclipse Foundation takes uploading data very serious. We are currently in discussion with the Eclipse legal team and Technology PMC under which terms others can contribute snippets or models or data to the Recommenders project. I'll request a server at eclipse.org which will host the recommendation models and probably the git repositories. For the git repositories we need some kind of access restriction (e.g., a bugzilla account) to prevent spam - or maybe using Gerrit to take care of IP could work as well? Your thoughts on this are very welcome. It's an indirection but it may be good enough to convince Wayne? Wayne, are you listening? 

I'm working on a maven repository for recommendation models that can be easily consumed with Aether/Maven. In essence, the repository stores zip files containing the models in a maven-like coordinate system. These zip files are downloaded on request and used by recommendation engines running in Eclipse. I've implemented a prototype for delivering call completion models and plan to extend this approach to support overrides completion, and extdoc models as well. From what I can say at them moment it looks quite good and should scale well for Juno since models are served by Apache HTTPD only.

The API looks as follows: 

package org.eclipse.recommenders.rcp.repo;

public interface IModelRepository {

    // download from remote repos and install into local repo
     void resolve(Artifact artifact, IProgressMonitor monitor)


    // install own local artifacts into local repo
     void install(Artifact artifact, Artifact pom)

    // upload local artifacts to remote repo
     void deploy(Artifact artifact, Artifact pom, IProgressMonitor monitor)

    // get the file handle on this artifact to consume it in your recommender 
     File location(Artifact artifact) 

    // checks for updates of the given local artifact
     boolean isLatest(Artifact artifact) 

    // deletes the cached artifact from local repo 
     void delete(Artifact artifact)

    // simple querys: specify an artifact + version range and ...
     Optional<Artifact> findHighestVersion(Artifact query)
     Optional<Artifact> findLowestVersion(Artifact query) 

http://www.eclipse.org/aether/ has a video that gives more information about Aether.