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Re: [recommenders-dev] Snipmatch GSOC was: How to start with Recommender's source code

Hi Doug,

On 20.02.2012, at 18:33, Doug Wightman wrote:

> GIT repositories is an awesome idea: sounds good to me!
> Yes, I'd be happy to be the primary mentor. I've contactes GSoC and
> will follow up.


> In terms of format, XML works for me - that's what we've used until
> now, but JSON is also fine. I'm not particular.

So, if both is fine for you I'd clearly vote for JSON for one primary reason:

All other server-side services are based on JAX-RS and JSON. IMHO, the server-side should use as few as possible different but similar technologies for storage, communication etc. as long as the existing tools make sense. In the case of XML vs. JSON there is IMHO no significant difference for our use case. Users that want to deploy recommenders' tool suite on their own servers should be able toto do so w/o the need to install a dozen different databases, and tools :)

For template storage I think GIT is the better choice (better than CouchDB) since update and synchronization is quite easy and with JGIT we have a simple library at hand to do it. In addition, there is no need complex setup required on server and client side to use these technologies. Thus, I'd vote for JAX/RS+JSON and GIT here.