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Re: [recommenders-dev] How to start with Recommender's source code

Hi Cheng!

Yes, please go ahead and merge SnipMatch into recommenders. Sorry for
the delay - I've been stuck organizing a conference (tei-conf.org)
that's starting tomorrow. I think this would be an awesome GSOC
project and would be happy to support any way that I can.

Great to have you on board, happy to answer any questions you have!


On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 9:22 PM, chen cheng <chengchendoc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ok, i will read the SnipMatch's source code first.
> One question: Does SnipMatch and Recommenders' merge job start  yet or not ?
> In my view, it is not hard if we just merge SnipMatch's source code into
> Recommenders. Do we have a full plan about how to improve SnipMatch's
> current features ? Or we just start this part of job from zero.
> 2012/2/18 Marcel Bruch <bruch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Hi Cheng,
>> I was hoping Doug would jump in and provide more details on Snipmatch.
>> Maybe he's off for a few days.
>> Your summary is right to the point. That's how the system works. Doug has
>> committed the sources to our Eclipselabs repositories. You might spent some
>> time on the sources and dive into the internals
>> here http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/code-recommenders/source/browse/?repo=kiyomi
>> Let's wait a few days and get Doug and/or Zi involved...
>> Best,
>> Marcel
>> On 17.02.2012, at 11:50, chen cheng wrote:
>> Hi Marcel,
>> I am happy to have a chance to work for Recommenders with you guys. I have
>> a trial of SnipMatch, you said SnipMatch is developed by you guys, and now
>> want to merge it into Recommenders, then release it in Eclipse 4.2, right?
>> I can not find much documents about SnipMatch, Here is my understanding of
>> its structure (Correct me if i am wrong).
>> 1. SnipMatch store many common code template in remote server side, in
>> MySQL, MongoDB or etc.
>> 2. Every user can create and store his own code template in SnipMatch, we
>> call it personal code template. Each code template have code content and
>> search label. In the demo:
>> Code template content:
>> ${import(java.util.Random)}
>> Random generator = new Random();
>> int randomIndex = generator.nextInt(${int}+1);
>> Search Label:
>> generate a random number between 0 and $int
>> 3. User login in Eclipse, print "Ctrl + Enter", if use input some search
>> label, SnipMatch Eclipse client will search remote server ( both in common
>> DB and user's personal DB) to get the corresponding code template content,
>> replace parameter define, then paste these aim code into Eclipse editor.
>> This is how SnipMatch works, in my trial, SnipMatch works well, and it
>> even has "an code template editor". If you want to merge it into
>> Recommenders, i think it is easy. Now, you want to do some improvement job,
>> right ?
>> Now i think my GSoC project will be:
>> 1. User get code template search result, i should supply parameter replace
>> module, and then paste the aim code in to Eclipse editor.
>> 2. Add configuration module in Eclipse preferences for SnipMatch.
>> 3. You words "local data storage". User can store his personal code
>> templates in local environment, keep synchronous with remote server.
>> Meanwhile, add an cache for his frequently used code templates or most
>> popular code template in remote server into  local data store environment.
>> Am i right ? And some other things, see comments below :-)
>> 2012/2/17 Marcel Bruch <marcel.bruch@xxxxxxxxx>
>>> Hi Chen,
>>> Recommenders is definitely an excellent project to get started with open
>>> source - and your help is welcome!
>>> Regarding GSOC projects:
>>> We are currently working on 5 different areas:
>>> * Intelligent Code Completion
>>> * Extended Documentation
>>> * Snipmatch Template completion
>>> * Code Search, and
>>> * Stacktrace Search
>>> For GSOC, my favorite project would be the refinement of IDE/UI
>>> integration of Snipmatch - our community driven code snippets store for
>>> Eclipse (see http://snipmatch.com/ for some demo videos). Snipmatch is about
>>> to move to Code Recommenders and as far as I can see a helping hand to make
>>> it ready for Eclipse Juno Release would be welcome.  Doug, what do you
>>> think? Wouldn't it be a great GSOC?
>>> We've currently four students working on Snipmatch-related areas.
>>> Johannes Born and Johannes Dorn are working on different mining  strategies
>>> to automatically find code snippets from example code, Andreas Kaluza worked
>>> on sophisticated algorithms to merge templates with already existing code,
>>> and Jakob Eichler just started on an code template editor for Snipmatch to
>>> ease the creation of snippets in Eclipse. What's missing (Doug, correct me
>>> if I'm wrong) is someone who works on the completion engine itself and the
>>> surrounding parts like preferences, local data storage etc. etc.
>>> The only "problem" with this is, there there is some time pressure. We'd
>>> love to have Snipmatch ready for Eclipse Juno, which means that a
>>> significant amount of work needs to be done before the GSOC ends ;)
>> If my code can be released in Eclipse Juno, it will be a really happy
>> thing for me and give me more power :-)
>> About the time pressure, it is OK, GSoC supplies a start point for my open
>> source life, but the open source job and result is more important. If my
>> GSoC project was accepted, it is ok for me to finish the whole things before
>> GSoC's end to catch Eclipse Juno's release.
>>> Regarding your test generation proposal. I like the idea much, but at the
>>> moment I think the team must focus on its existing core projects to make
>>> Code Recommenders a success for Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) release in June. There is
>>> still a lot work to do. Things might change after Juno and we investigate
>>> your test generation proposal more deeply. Sounds OK?
>> Yeah, if i integrate into Recommenders' community deeply, we can discuss
>> the Unit test features in the future. CodePro AnalytiX's code analyse and
>> unit test creation features are really amazing and very useful, but this
>> project is not open source.  If Recommenders supplies features like this, it
>> will be more powerful. I hope that way will come true in the future
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