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Re: [recommenders-dev] How to start with Recommender's source code

Hi Cheng!

I'm glad Chinese New Year celebrations didn't damage your health too much ;)

To get started, please check out http://wiki.eclipse.org/Recommenders/BuildingFromSource.
The compile errors are caused by a missing target platform. See the above wiki page for more details on how to set the target platform for your workspace and make recommenders projects compile in Eclipse.

Side note:
After setting the target platform, there will be several projects projects which will still contain compile errors. Fixture projects contain test scenarios for code completion and don't compiler "per construction". Some test and plug-in projects (codesearch.rcp, udc.rcp, and completion.rcp.templates haven't been migrated to the latest e4.2 infrastructure yet. But you shouldn't care too much about them.

Let me know if the wiki page answers your questions. Please post follow ups questions here to that we can update the documentation accordingly.


P.S.: you only need the org.eclipse.recommenders repository. All projects in 3rd are included by the target platform and releng projects contains release tools only.

On 16.02.2012, at 05:09, chen cheng wrote:

Hi Guys,

Recommenders is a fantastic developing project, it will help us and save much time when we are coding in Eclipse. And i am really interested to do some thing to improve it with you guys. But after i get Git clone of source code, import all the there projects(org.eclipse.recommenders,org.eclipse.recommenders.3rd and org.eclipse.recommenders.releng) projects into my Eclipse 4 workspace, i got compile errors.

So, i want to know if there is any guides for developers who start with Recommender's source code in the first day?

Thank you