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[rdf4j-dev] previous lucene version bump causing problems


It turns out that for the 2.3 release, we have bumped the version of Lucene to 5.5, but no CQs were logged for this. This puts us in a bit of a pickle.

I'm currently busy retroactively logging these CQs and trusting that they'll be approved (I don't see why they shouldn't), and I'm sure Eclipse EMO will be nice about it, but strictly speaking, they could require us to remove the 2.3 distribution files completely until this has been fixed. It may also put our release date for 2.4 at risk (though I hope not).

Can I remind everybody to make sure a Contribution Questionnaire (CQ) is logged when you add a new (major or minor) version of any third-party library? As a committer, you can actually log a CQ yourself, but at the very least please tag the issue with the CQ-Pending tag so it's obvious.

Note: new CQs are not necessary for patch version bumps. But everything else should be registered and put through the IP review process.

For more info on what CQs are and how to create them, see the Eclipse Project Handbook: https://www.eclipse.org/projects/handbook/#ip-cq