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[rap-dev] Git migration starting

Hi RAP committers,

after the successful migration of the RAP Incubator, tomorrow Markus
and I will start with the migration of RAP itself [1]. Therefore we'd
like to ask you not to make any commits to CVS anymore from tomorrow
on. If all goes well, we'll be on Git by Monday evening.

We're going to create two repositories for the runtime and the tooling
[2]. Inspired by this tweet [3] I'd propose to name the repository
"o.e.rap.tools" instead of "o.e.rap.tooling" and to rename the tooling
feature to tools as well in 2.0. Even though the term "tooling" is
commonly used in the Eclipse community, it's jargon and I think
"tools" is a more suitable name for the component. If you have a
comment on this, please reply to this suggestion on [2].

This brings up the question how the runtime repository should be
named. Is "runtime" still a suitable name for "RAP itself", or does it
stand for the complete stack, including Equinox etc.? How about naming
the repository simply "org.eclipse.rap"? Let's discuss this on [1].
Sorry for bringing this up so late, it just came to my mind when I saw
Wayne's rant ;-)

Regards, Ralf

[1] 331780: Migrate RAP from CVS to Git

[2] 376696: Migrate RAP Tooling to a separate Git repository?

[3] https://twitter.com/#!/waynebeaton/status/199531054070120448