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[rap-dev] RAP Incubator Git migration

Hi RAP and RAP Incubator committers,

like every other Eclipse project, the RAP and RAP Incubator projects
are moving to git [1] and we should finish this migration before the
Juno release in order to have a reproducible build environment for the
service releases. So we should get started very soon.

My proposal is to start with the RAP Incubator project because this is
probably the easier part and currently there is less activity. With
the experience from this task we can then migrate RAP itself in the
quiet period right after M7.

Before we start with the migration, we have to agree on the structure
of the git repositories. We've already agreed that we will need
separate repos for RAP and RAP Incubator because of different
permissions [2].

But since the RAP Incubator serves as a host for many different and
rather unrelated projects, I wonder if it makes sense to keep the
entire Incubator in one single repository. If someone wants to clone
the file dialog code, why should they have to download all of the RAP
ports like CNF, GEF, and what else there is to come?

Wouldn't it make more sense to create one repository for CNF, one for
GEF, one for fileupload etc? Let's discuss this soon on [2].

Markus and I reserved some time at the end of this week to get started
with the migration, so if anyone plans to commit anything to CVS this
or next week, please let us know.

Regards, Ralf

[1] 331780: Migrate RAP from CVS to Git

[2] 376694: Migrate RAP Incubator from CVS to Git