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[rap-dev] javax.servlet.descriptor package version - possible issue?

Hi folks,

here's a problem I noticed while working with orbit/javax.servlet v3_0 against RAP HEAD.

Our org.eclipse.rap.rwt.osgi bundle has an Import-Package dependency to

javax.serlet Bundle-Version 3.0.0
   has version 2.6.0 on all it's packages (Runtime tab)

Result: unresolved dependency

- did anybody else run into this?
- should we open a bug with orbit/javax.servlet or can we move our version requirement to [2.6.0,4.0.0]  ?

Best regards,

Elias Volanakis | Technical Lead | http://eclipsesource.com
elias@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | +1 503 929 5537 | @evolanakis