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Re: [rap-dev] RAP GC in Internet Explorer

Thanks Rüdiger,

I had similar thinking, but thought I would ask anyway.

In any case, I think the excanvas plugin for the incubator will be useful as a single source for the excanvas in widgets there and for consumers who produce there own widgets that require/use excanvas.


Rüdiger Herrmann wrote:
Hi Austin,

thanks for the hint. However, I don't see use of excanvas in RAP. Before working on the GC we already had a basic VML abstraction in RAP. It was introduced with rounded corners and gradients. This and the fact that excanvas didn't provide everything that was necessary for the GC we decided to extend our own VML code.
Another aspect is that we want to keep the dependencies of RWT to the same minimum as SWT does: a plug-in and a fragment.


On 23.04.2010 17:37, Austin Riddle wrote:

I have a CQ open for the Google Explorer Canvas (CQ3950) and a bug
309010 regarding its inclusion in the RAP incubator because some 3rd
party libraries that we want to turn into custom widgets use excanvas.

Since the RAP GC support for IE is currently VML based, I wasn't sure if
it would be useful there, but I'll ask anyway:

If the CQ is approved, would the excanvas be useful to the efforts in
making GC work in Internet Explorer?

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