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Re: [rap-dev] Question about dependency notifications


I support Elias suggestion to have a team project set that fetches dependencies.
However, most components from the sandbox/extras/incubtaor could benefit from a (wiki) page that provides additional information, like what the purpose is, what the status is, how to get/build it, common pitfalls, etc.
What do you think?


On 20.04.2010 01:54, Elias Volanakis wrote:
Hi Austin,

personally, I think including a project-set-file (.psf) in your
bundle, which pulls all necessary dependencies from orbit will help --
as long as it has an obvious name. This can then be used with File>
Import>  Team Project Set to pull the dependencies into the workspace.

The upload widget does a similar thing for it's dependencies.

See /cvsroot/rt/org.eclipse.rap/sandbox/org.eclipse.rwt.widgets.upload/rap-sandbox-upload-widget.psf

Kind regards,

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 3:25 PM, Austin Riddle<austin.riddle@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have just completed bug 305278, which adds a dependency in
rwt.visualization.google on the org.json bundle from Orbit that I recently

I was going to add it as a package dependency, but I had to override some
behavior that is tied to the current org.json version in Orbit.

But in either case, a question arises as to how to notify consumers that
they should obtain the Orbit bundle for their convenience (obviously they
could fulfill the dependency themselves, but I don't want them to guess
about how to make the visualizations work).

Once I commit, their local copies will not compile if they update their
code. So how can we tell them and/or document for new consumers...."Go get
the org.json bundle from Orbit and include it in your target platform and/or
run configuration."?
The incubator webpage?
A README in the bundle?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Austin Riddle
Software Engineer
Computing and Information Technology Division
Texas Center for Applied Technology
Texas Engineering Experiment Station

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