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Re: [rap-dev] Composite.setTabList

Hi Kristof,

welcome to RAP.

kristof delaere schrieb:
I've been looking at your great framework, and I have a question: I looked for an implementation of Composite.setTabList but did't find it. Is there a way to specify a tab order. In my test workbench application, the focus jumps from one view to another (it seems like the order is related to the vertical position of the widget). (Am I right that Composite uses qx.ui.layout.CanvasLayout and that this widget doesn't support this?).

Tab order has been implemented a few days ago (see [1]). If you check out the latest version from CVS, you'll have it available.

May we ask you to use the newsgroup eclipse.technology.rap on news://news.eclipse.org for any further questions - we'd like to gather all the technical discussions there.


[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Rap10M3_News