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Re: [ptp-user] PTP and modules

Hi Jeff,

I have a MacOS X machine (10.7.4 with the latest Xcode), attaching to our two linux clusters:  glenn (RHEL 5) and oakley (RHEL 6).

Here is the test procedure that I used:
	1.  Create a new synchronized C/C++ project
		a.  Project type:  Hello World ANSI C project, MacOSX GCC toolchain
		b.  Remote synchronization configuration for Oakely (or glenn, WLOG)
	2.  Selected the project in the Project Explorer window, right-clicked and selected properties
	3.  Under "C/C++ Build", I selected "Environment Management" and checked the box for "Use an environment management system"
		Nothing shows up!
	4.  Click "Apply", click "Close, and reopen Properties for project
	5.  This time, the module list loads!
	6.  Click "Clear selection", select new compiler (Intel compiler module in this case)
	7.  Click "Apply" and "Close"
	8.  Select the Project and click the Hammer to build.  Output:

> 12:59:31 **** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project oak-chello2 ****
> make all 
> **** Environment configuration script temporarily stored in /tmp/ptpscript_2LyRXl ****
> module purge >/dev/null 2>&1
> module load intel/12.1.0
> make all 
> Building target: oak-chello2
> Invoking: MacOS X C++ Linker
> g++  -o "oak-chello2"  ./src/oak-chello2.o   
> Finished building target: oak-chello2
> 12:59:54 Build Finished (took 23s.639ms)

Step 9:  frown because a GCC project on local side expects a GCC compiler on remote side.  I will often want to do GCC on the local side, icc on the remote side.

I do have a couple of comments:
	1.  Will there be support for Remote projects?  It did not 
	2.  It takes a while for the synchronized project to be created on the remote system

On May 14, 2012, at 12:23 PM, Jeffrey Overbey wrote:

> Dave, Christoph, and others,
> If you want to try the latest prerelease version of Eclipse Juno/PTP 6 (which includes support for Modules Tcl and Lmod -- the Modules systems you were asking about), you can download the Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers package from <http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/index-developer.php>.  This is the Milestone 7 build; Please let us know what problems you run into.  Release Candidate 1 will be available in two weeks, so there's still time to fix bugs...
> Jeff
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