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Re: [ptp-user] ptp-user Digest, Vol 61, Issue 12

On Tuesday, December 13, 2011 15:38:12 Beth Tibbitts <tibbitts@xxxxxxxxxx> 
> Christoph,
> We had this in the FAQ:
> http://wiki.eclipse.org/PTP/sync-projects#I_get_a_Merge_conflict_for_a_file
> _that_changed_both_locally_and_remotely.__How_do_I_recover_from_this.3F It
> sounds like maybe what you're doing is a super-set of this?
> (I don't have experience with this, just wanting to see if the FAQ is right
> and update it with more details if necessary)
> ...Beth

The entry in the wiki says -
"Delete the file on the remote system and re-synchronize."

This may or may not work. For git, file deletion is a patch that removes all 
lines in the file. If the same file on the other host was changed as well, you 
might get another merge conflict (two conflicting patches). If it wasn't changed 
on the other host, chances are that the file removal gets replicated to the 
other side. Means - the file is deleted there as well by PTP synchronization.

So it is presumably better to replace the copy on the local or remote side 
with a desired version (taken from the other end) using a simple scp or sftp.

Then, when both sides are having identical files, it is presumably safer to 
make PTP (or git) forget the history - by removing .ptp-sync on both sides.

Finally, - and this might not be necessary - I am reluctant to change files 
like .ptp-sync that are under the control of eclipse while it is running. 
Therefore I am shutting it down before doing these operations.

This is how I arrived at the four steps described in an earlier post.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

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