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[ptp-user] 'Invalid executable' message in resource manager configuration dialog

This sounds exactly like the problem I was having. Is the unix command "stat" in your path when do an ssh to the IBM system?

>> I'm trying to get someone I work with started with using Eclipse. He installed the Java EE version of Eclipse on Windows XP. I also had him install CDT 6.0.2 and the latest nightly build of PTP 4.0 since he wants to use the remote development support in PTP for some work he is doing. After we got everything installed, we tried to create a PE resource manager. We were able to create a RSE  SSH-only connection. When we clicked 'browse' next to the proxy executable path, we got a file selector dialog that we could navigate to where the ptp_ibmpe_proxy executable was and select it. However, the resource manager configuration wizard dialog continued to display an 'Invalid executable' message at the top of the page and we were unable to clear it.

I thought this might be because the version of RSE runtime that was installed with Java EE Eclipse might not be 3.1 level. It also did not show up in the list of installed software in the software list under the help menu in Eclipse. We downloaded the latest RSE 3.1.2 runtime and tried to install it. Thta resulted in a message that it was already installed and that Eclipse would update the installed software list to indicate it was installed (which it did).

Updating to RSE 3.1.2 didn't change anything and I don't see any reason why I'm getting this message. No entries are logged in the error log.

Any suggestions whet to try next?