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[ptp-user] Cannot discover the OpenMPI configuration

I try to use PTP as my client to get access to our remote server. But when I try to set up and start a resource manager using remote tools, it fail with an message as follow:
"Failed to start resource manager
Unable to determine version of Open MPI. Please check discover command is correct."
I checked the discover command which is "ompi_info -a --parseable", and I ran the script in an ssh client and the result(as attached) is fine.
Then I tried the same PTP client with my laptop as server, and it worked.
Then since I have the source code of PTP, I tried to debug this problem, finding that there is no output of the command "ompi_info -a --parseable" when I use our remote server as our PTP server, but I did get output when I change the discover command to "ls -l".
So, I think this should be some configuration problem on our remote server.
How should I configure our remote server to get access to it?