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Re: [ptp-user] Dual processor machine, only one node recognized

You also need to add the line:

orte_default_hostfile = <ompi_install_dir>/etc/openmpi-default-hostfile

to the end of  <ompi_install_dir>/etc/openmpi-mca-params.conf


On Mar 10, 2010, at 11:01 AM, Mario Ogrizek wrote:


ive searched for an answer here, and couldnt find it.

I own a macbook pro, which has a core 2 duo processors, that means i can have 1 machine with 2 nodes, right?

Ive set it all up, like it says in the manual, but resource manager registers a localhost machine with only one node.
ive read i need to edit the openmpi_default_hostfile... i did try it, but what ever i type, number of nodes doesnt change.

i tried: localhost nodes=2
i tried something like this (in PTP FAQ):
"Simulating multiple nodes with OpenMPI: If you are testing on a single node, edit <openmpi_install>/etc/openmpi-default-hostfile (default is /usr/local/etc/openmpi-default-hostfile) and add lines containing 'node0', 'node1', etc. Edit /etc/hosts and add a localhost entry for each name you added to the openmpi-default-hostfile. So, for 'node0', add ' node0' to /etc/hosts. This will simulate a multi-node machine."

nothing could recognize the second node.

thank you for your time
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