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[ptp-dev] How to test epp-parallel Kepler M5- fix for RSE hang on M5

If you want to try the parallel package for Kepler, note that M5 had a severe error hanging (from RSE) when you try to create a sync project.
They fixed it in the Juno SR2 package but the Kepler M5 package hasn't been updated

As a reminder (because I recently had to re-remember how), to test Kepler M5:
(1) install Kepler M5 parallel package from http://eclipse.org/downloads/index-developer.php?release=kepler
(2) Update the RSE from their milestone p2 update site
          Help>Install New Software... and add   http://download.eclipse.org/tm/updates/3.4milestones
            Then select "TM and RSE 3.4.2 Main Features"  and choose RSE End-user runtime
     --or-- download one of the zips from http://download.eclipse.org/tm/downloads/drops/S-3.4.2RC4b-201302121326/index.php
           and use that to install offline (entire repository, or runtime+useractions (2 zips)  would probably both work)
     You specifically want the RSE part that was built on 2/12 - after they fixed the bug that broke PTP sync project creation


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