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Re: [ptp-dev] GSoC Project

Hi Brandon,

Sounds like an interesting project. I'm looking forward to seeing your contribution to PTP. For now, I suggest just using the PTP/core component for submitting enhancement requests. We can create a new component when the contribution is accepted.

I'd suggest reading the following before beginning development of any code:


You may also want to familiarize yourself with the following:



On May 10, 2012, at 1:48 PM, Brandon Gibson wrote:

Hi Everyone:

My name is Brandon Gibson. I recently proposed and was accepted for the Google Summer of Code with the Eclipse Foundation. My project is GIG: The Graphical Inquisitor of GPU Programs, and as such most appropriately belongs in PTP.

I have previously worked with Alan Humphrey on GEM: The Graphical Explorer of MPI Programs. GIG is similar to GEM. It will use a new tool called GKLEE. GKLEE was developed by the same research group that developed ISP for GEM's backbone. GKLEE is used for formal verification of CUDA programs. It is my hope that GIG will eventually be accepted into PTP.

I was told to introduce myself to the group and to start a Bugzilla on this new project. I can submit bugs, but I don't know how to start a new bugzilla component. I probably don't even have the permissions needed to add a component to PTP's Bugzilla. How should I go about resolving this?

Is there anything else that I should keep in mind while I develop GIG?

Brandon Gibson
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