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[ptp-commits] [Git@Eclipse] Main repository for the Photran project annotated tag PTP_6_0 created. PTP_6_0

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Main repository for the Photran project".

The annotated tag, PTP_6_0 has been created
        at  6a7e04eec9efa69947a782b32f24da869b337b9a (tag)
   tagging  a09170f2199aa7e6ebb3ced79cd6e5ee66359805 (commit)
  replaces  PTP_5_0_6
 tagged by  Greg Watson
        on  Fri Jul 6 08:16:04 2012 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
PTP 6.0 (Juno) release
Greg Watson (24):
      Add maven pom.xml files.
      Add maven pom.xml files.
      Add group Id
      fix versions
      Update versions
      Fix photran versions
      more versions. will it never end?
      Switch to project explorer view. See bug 349355.
      Enable API tooling
      CDT has upversioned to 8.1
      Add missing pom.xml to vpg.preprocessor.c plugins.
      Update versions in vpg.preprocessor.x pom.xml files.
      Add repo for build.
      Merge branch 'ptp_5_0'
      Update pom versions for master.
      Fix parent pom version.
      Fix artifactId's.
      Ignore .project files.
      Build photran against Juno CDT
      Fix repository location.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/ptp_5_0'
      Fix feature licenses.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ptp_5_0'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ptp_5_0'

Jeffrey Overbey (86):
      Updated CVS instructions and release history
      Bug 359968 - Photran help Refactoring page is missing some images
      Bug 360891 - [Architecture] Photran core, core.vpg, and UI should not depend on CDT - Removed dependency in core.vpg
      Bug 360891 - [Architecture] Photran core, core.vpg, and UI should not depend on CDT - Moved error parsers
      Bug 357842 - New horizontal ruler - invalid thread access (SWT) on property change
      Bug 360891 - [Architecture] Photran core, core.vpg, and UI should not depend on CDT - removed dependencies from photran.ui
      Removed outdated notes
      Updated default copyright headers
      Eliminated compiler warnings
      Removed org.eclipse.cdt.core.tests dependency
      Removed references to photran-dev
      Added x-friends/x-internal to Photran internal package exports; added API filters; incremented version number to 8.0.0; changed build and execution environment to JavaSE-1.6
      Fixed mismatched version numbers
      Added ISO_C_BINDING and ISO_FORTRAN_ENV intrinsics
      Added .gitignore
      Added iso_c_binding and iso_fortran_env resources to build.properties
      Set jre.compilation.profile=JavaSE-1.6
      Fixed filenames to conform to limitations on Windows
      Updated Photran Developer's Guide with instructions for checking out
      Updated project conversion action for Bug 349355 - Replace Fortran View
      Updated Fortran perspective placeholder for Fortran Projects view for
      Converted VPG plug-ins to use plugin.properties rather than
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://joverbey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/gitroot/ptp/org.eclipse.photran.git
      Bug 365007 - PGI error parser does not recognize errors containing
      Fixed XLF error parser ID in MBS toolchain
      Added manual tests for gfortran MBS toolchain to Dev Guide
      Bug 365647 - GNU toolchain "Check syntax only (-fsyntax-only)" option in
      Bug 365652 - GNU MBS plug-in dependencies are insufficient
      Added dependency calculator test to MBS manual tests
      Bug 365805 - XL Fortran toolchain - multiple changes needed
      Bug 346522 - Linker Debugging option missed : -pg
      Bug 365679 - Fortran MBS toolchains select deprecated Mach-O binary
      Bug 367193 - Remove "linux" OS filter from
      Added methods to match CDT Juno API
      Updated instructions for checking out Photran source code from Git
      Updated Git instructions to include installation of execution
      Bug 369094 - Opening/closing projects raises ResourceException in
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ptp_5_0'
      Added #getOriginalNode due to added method in CDT API
      Bug 371454 - Error parsers for Cray, PGI, Open64 Fortran compilers (new
      Updated pom.xml to use cdt nightly build rather than M4
      Updated Cray error parser to recognize loopmark feedback
      Added IPA category to Cray info messages.
      Bug 372912 - New Fortran line scanner; Bug 312196 - Corresponding
      Bug 365805 - XL Fortran toolchain - multiple changes needed: Renamed plug-in org.eclipse.photran.errorparsers.xlf to org.eclipse.photran.core.xlf (for naming consistency)
      Bug 362253 - [Architecture] Consolidate Photran plug-ins: Removed org.eclipse.photran.managedbuilder.core
      Bug 362253 - [Architecture] Consolidate Photran plug-ins: Removed org.eclipse.rephraserengine.examples.testing; examples now in org.eclipse.rephraserengine.testing.junit3/examples
      Bug 362253 - [Architecture] Consolidate Photran plug-ins: Removed org.eclipse.rephraserengine.doc.isv; content is now in org.eclipse.photran-dev-docs/rephraser-engine
      Bug 362253 - [Architecture] Consolidate Photran plug-ins: Moved contents of org.eclipse.rephraserengine.{core,ui}.{refactoring,vpg} into org.eclipse.rephraserengine.{core,ui}; renamed org.eclipse.rephraserengine.core.vpg.tests => org.eclipse.rephraserengine.core.tests; moved contents of org.eclipse.rephraserengine.examples.text into a zip file in org.eclipse.photran-dev-docs/rephraser-engine/examples
      Updated compilation profile to JavaSE-1.6
      Removed unnecessary JAR from classpath; updated packages exported to org.eclipse.rephraserengine.core.tests
      Moved Browse VPG Database action into preceding action set
      Bug 362253 - [Architecture] Consolidate Photran plug-ins: Moved
      Bug 373123 - Fortran completion processor does not handle !$acc/!$omp
      Removed #getBuilder (unused private method)
      Bug 373194 - Provide extension point for third-party API documentation
      Bug 373194 - Added leading context for API help providers
      Renamed parameter
      Fixed handling of $$ in code template prefix matching
      Added Token#getOpenACCComments
      Fixed line scanner bug; wrapped syntax highlighting code in
      Bug 374426 - Syntax highlighting of "go to" is incorrect
      Work around broken ErrorParserManager#getPreviousLine in CDT
      Bug 377985 - Declaration View - Widget is Disposed
      Fixed 4.2M6 NPE in DeclarationView#startObserving
      Cray error parser does not recognize THREAD (OpenMP) info type
      Added methods to conform to additions to CDT API
      Added OpenMP and OpenACC versions of Liebmann example; fixed Makefile
      Updated mixed C+Fortran example to use Fortran 2003 C interop
      Bug 374523 - Incorrect labels in Cust Perspective - Cmd Grps Avail
      Bugs 340910, 343903, 340907, 343904, 340914, 340915, 340909
      Bug 368093 - [Refactoring] Remove Unused Common Blocks
      Bug 345493 - [Refactoring] Change To Vector Notation
      Bug 343077 - Fixed Form Recognizes Fortran Include Statement
      Bug 368092 - [Refactoring] Change Variable Case
      Fixed broken externalized strings
      Bug 340607 - Add support for highlighting matching parentheses/brackets
      Bug 378761 - Property tester org.eclipse.cdt.ui.pageEnabled gone in CDT
      Bug 347191 - Correct Indentation handles line continuations incorrectly
      Updated ASTInclusionStatement due to changes in CDT API
      Remove update site URLs from features. Fix update site URL in main
      Bug 382117 -Horizontal ruler does not recognize monospaced fonts
      Fixed 7 unit tests that fail under Windows due to CRLF/LF differences
      Updated/removed Photran 7.0 version numbers for Juno
      Renamed and disabled some new refactorings
      Marked Replace Do Loop with Forall as unchecked refactoring

Mariano Mendez (2):
      Bug 345493 - [Refactoring] Change To Vector Notation - Patch
      Bug 368092 - [Refactoring] Change Variable Case - Patch

Vivian Kong (1):
      fix publish location


Main repository for the Photran project