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[polarsys-iwg] ESA contribution to Polarsys

Dear all,

We have been contacted several months ago by Pierre to join the project and we are really interested by being involved in OPEES and POLARSYS. We  are using and experiencing several tools related to model-based development are are also willing to support open-source initiatives.

We are currently using several languages and tools. Among them, there are AADL (and its derivative such as SLIM) or SysML. For this reason, we have a strong interest in Eclipse-related technologies, as it is a key technology that support these languages (such as ADELE or OSATE which are integrated in TOPCASED). At this moment, we would like to participate to the committee by discussing on existing projects, provide our feedback from an industrial point of view and investigate the potential integration of our open-source tools in the consortium. So, I'm looking forward for interesting discussion and will be glad to answer to any of your questions.

Best regards,