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Re: [polarsys-infra] OPEES & Polarsys FORUM

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hi Denis,

On 07.06.2012 17:38, Denis Roy wrote:

There were some questions recently about the Polarsys forums.


As you can see on the forums page, in addition to regular forums, I've created a category and a sample forum to show how we can group several forums.  This is similar in concept to how we group forums under top-level projects at Eclipse.org:
seems Ok to have one at least deddicated forum per component et some forums related on projects
how about dedicated mailing lists/component?


Also, as with any public forum, we will get SPAM and JUNK.  We can enable specific accounts to become moderators and administrators to help move topics, delete junk threads, and so on.  Right now myself and Alejandra are the only forum admins.
the owners of a forums should have rights to moderate the discussions and remove junk threads and ban participants?.
+ how about  to require polarsys login to acess a forum?


On 06/07/2012 09:47 AM, Rivero Gutierrez De Soto, Miguel wrote:

Hello Maurice


Sorry for the late answer. If you want to discuss about Polychrony you should create a new dedicated Forum. Once you have the Polychrony forum, create all discussions you need.  

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