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Re: [polarsys-infra] [Polarsys Infra] Questions related Alfa Opees infrastructure

Hi Miguel,

I'll add links to the other parts.  I'm working on this and other Polarsys alfra infra issues today.



On 04/23/2012 07:03 AM, Rivero Gutierrez De Soto, Miguel wrote:

Hello all


I would like to start the Opees experimentation using the component developed by Indra. I’m trying to know what the current status of infrastructure is.


I acceded to https://polarsys.org/site_login/ .   Is this the Alfa opees infrastructure? (alfa is the name of the infrastructure to make the experimentation in the project, it’s not the official Polarsys infrastructure). Can we start the Opees experimentations there?


I could access to this infrastructure, but there are only three services available, as you can see in the screenshot below: wiki, Forum, Bug trucking.

Are the rest of the infrastructure services available (Source Control Management, Build & Continuous Integration, LTA archiving, doc help, download) ?









GIF image