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Re: [polarsys-infra] [Openmdd-itea] Polarsys/OPEES face 2 face meeting in Bilbao on March 13th and March 14th

Hi Dominique,

You are right, we have to provide the next meetings date/location more in advance.

I can already tell you that the final review for the OPEES ITEA2 project is planned for December 12th afternoon in Paris, and we may plan for a Polarsys meeting before or after the review.

We will also have a meeting on late May or June, and another meeting in September. I should be able to give you locations and dates very soon.

Additionally, we will have a meeting during Eclipse Con and Eclipse Con Europe.

Best regards,
Gaël Blondelle
OPEES project leader
+33 672 120 226

Le 15/02/12 17:39, Dominique Toupin a écrit :
Hi Gael,

I would like to prioritize those meetings, can we have the meetings date/location for the rest of 2012?



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Subject: [polarsys-infra] Polarsys/OPEES face 2 face meeting in Bilbao on March 13th and March 14th

Dear all,

The OPEES project organizes a Polarsys and OPEES face 2 face meeting hosted by SQS in Bilbao on March 13 and March 14.

Here is the meeting agenda (to be detailed later):
- Tuesday March 13th
         * 9:00 - 13:00    OPEES ITEA status and discussion (WP status)
- For OPEES partners only
         * 14:30 - 18:00  Polarsys infrastructure and experimentation meeting (with the participation of Ralph Mueller, the Eclipse infrastructure team and the all potential Polarsys members)
    - Wednesday March 14th
         * 9:00 - 13:00    Polarsys meeting (with the participation of
Ralph Mueller and the all potential Polarsys members)
         * 14:30 - 16:00  Wrap up and closing of the meeting

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need a time slot in the agenda to talk about a specific topic.

Telco numbers will be provided for distant people on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.

Please fill in the following doodle to register for the different parts of the meeting and help us organize the meeting:

You will find attached a list of hotels computed by SQS. The exact location of the meeting will be sent later with a more detailed meeting agenda.

Best regards,
Gaël Blondelle
+33 672 120 226
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