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Re: [polarsys-infra] infrastructure experimentation


I understand your point and this is largely a lack of management on my side. So I apologize.

In fact, we made good progresses on the charter and the membership aspects, and we are almost done on these parts so we hope to publish these things soon.

But inside the OPEES project, most of the experiments should be done in 2012. And for some experiments, we need to be able to work on an infrastructure. We may even be able to submit new "Polarsys-specific" services to this implementation, like services based on gPM.

It is perfectly acceptable that the infrastructure is not ready yet, but the important point is to agree on the fact that OPEES partners will be able to access the Polarsys infrastructure until the end of the project. I expect that for these partners, the access would change on December 21st 2012, which is the end date for OPEES.
If you agree on this, and now that we have users knocking at the door, we can setup the plan to make the infrastructure accessible.

Hopefully, the things will get better as soon as we set up our regular Polarsys telco. I am working with Ralph to launch the first telco either next week or the week after.

Best regards,
Gaël Blondelle
OPEES project leader
+33 672 120 226

Le 09/02/12 10:18, Mike Milinkovich a écrit :



In my view the problem is that we have no plan. Or at least no plan that I and the key staff (webmaster, EMO, IP, etc.) have seen and committed to. I understand that this is a completely reasonable request on your part, and a key milestone in gettting started. But it was a surprise to us, and that is the deeper problem. In the short term, the fact that it was a surprise means that I have no idea if the infrastructure is actually ready. Given how busy the Eclipse Foundation team is, I rather doubt it.


Who is responsible for creating, communicating and obtaining commitment to the plan for getting Polarsys up and running? We need to know what functions the Polarsys team require, by date. This includes all of the forge functionality, the project management processes and the IP processes.


If such a plan exists and I have missed it, I apologize.



From: Gaël Blondelle [mailto:gael.blondelle@xxxxxxx]
Sent: February-09-12 3:18 AM
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Subject: Re: [polarsys-infra] infrastructure experimentation


Hi Mike,
I agree that the next step for the establishment of Polarsys is that members sign the participation agreement, but we also need that the OPEES project partners would be able to do some tests and prepare the migration of some components migrations towards Polarsys.

Additionally, I think that OPEES members should get access (with no waranty) to the Polarsys infrastructure or to a sandbox Polarsys infrastructure so that they can do the OPEES experiments in the Polarsys context instead of doing these experiments on other infrastructure.

So I suggest to go forward on these two different topics:
 * signing of the membership agreement by the Polarsys members
 * experimentation of the infrastructure both by the Polarsys members and OPEES partners.

Such experimentation by OPEES partners which are not Polarsys members should be limited to some services and for example may not include the Common Build Infrastructure as non Polarsys members are not supposed to offer LTS.
Additionally, we must emphasize on the fact that the current infrastructure is not stable and must be used for test purpose only.

But we need to find a way to provide a test infrastructure for test to those OPEES partners who will help populate Polarsys code base. There is great value that can come from this OPEES experimentation phase.

As OPEES project leader, I can act as a proxy and tell you if people asking for access to the infrastructure effectively ask it in the context of OPEES.

For Mathieu, it is clearly the case: he works for Atos on Topcased and will test the (technical) migration of some Topcased components to Polarsys.

Gaël Blondelle
OPEES project leader

Le 08/02/12 18:05, Mike Milinkovich a écrit :



As far as I know, the Polarsys infrastructure is not ready to be tested. The group hasn't been formally created, and we don't have participation agreements in place.


Certainly one of the first tasks of the Steering Committee will be to work with the EMO to plan for the phases of infrastructure readiness and capabilities.


If anyone thinks that I'm misinformed, please let me know. I've been traveling quite a bit lately, so it is possible that I am behind on the latest developments.



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Subject: [polarsys-infra] infrastructure experimentation




I am planning to do some tests on the Polarsys infrastructure.


My first goal is to implement a way to follow Papyrus development and have the flexibility to choose which commits I want to keep, and do some internal commits unrelated to the upstream changes.


I am planning to:

-          create a git repo which will be a “clone” of an Eclipse SVN repo (possibly more simple than Papyrus at the moment) : this repo will follow the SVN commits by using svn2git on my machine and pushing the resulting git commit manually.

-          create a branch from this “clone”

-          merge some commits from the clone into the branch and/or do some minors internal commits

-          use Hudson+Buckminster to build an update site from this branch


To do that I need some rights on the different parts of the infrastructure:

-          a git test repo where I have all the rights needed. If I can create myself a git repo it is even better.

-          Some rights on the Hudson so I can add and configure a build, and ssh access if no buckminster is currently installed.


What is the process to have those accesses?


I am a committer on Papyrus so all the Eclipse legal formalism should already be OK.




Mathieu Velten


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