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Re: [polarsys-infra] Importing, or not importing, GPL source code on eclipse SCM

Hello Pierre

Thank you for your answer, and the  high expressiveness of your short 

I will inspect the two options.

Best regards

On 01/20/2012 11:35 AM, GAUFILLET, Pierre wrote:
> Hello Cédric!
>> Before asking to become a commiter on the eclipse/polarsys (as an IWG is
>> it considered a project ?)... I have some "legal" question on importing
>> GPL source code..
>> Is it possible ?
>> If it is not possible, or not recommended or just forbidden by eclipse
>> policy :
>> As the Geneauto product (compiled) shall be part of the Polarsys
>> platform, could it be possible, just to build it on the eclipse platform ?
>> In that case, the source code would not be available on the eclipse
>> platform, but only the plugins and built product."
> The short answer is "no": The Eclipse Foundation, and consequently Polarsys, cannot host GPL code.
> It means that you have 2 options to:
> - change the license to LGPL, EPL, Apache or BSD. In this case, Geneauto can be hosted by Polarsys and use its infrastructure and services, as the IP process, build/test servers, distribution, etc.
> - host Geneauto elsewhere (i.e. Eclipse Labs, Sourceforge, etc.). You nevertheless will be able to use partially Polarsys infrastructure to coordinate your geneauto activities, track anomalies and feature requests, host complementary material like certification kits that may be produced by Polarsys end-users, but no VCS, no build infrastructure, no direct distribution of binaries (you may nevertheless have links and installation procedures).
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