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Re: [pmf-dev] [Wazaabi] events

2010/4/28 Hallvard Trætteberg <hal@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On 28.04.10 13.55, Olivier Moïses wrote:

As I explained in a previous post, at the moment, method call is only
supported when UI events are triggered. But, you are right, we should
extend it to model (UI or not) objects. A such mechanism already exists
in the binding, I note to move it outside.

Since the model is EMF-based, it's easy to attach an adapter to the whole hierarchy, so listening to the model is not a problem.
Sure, but I would like to propose a declarative way to associate a property change to an event handler, exactly as I did for UI events.

For UI events, I suggest to use the existing mechanism (for instance :
eventName='onMouseMove', uri='...'). At the moment, uri could have value
like 'platform://plugin/...' or 'urn:java:FullyQualifiedClassName' (for
non osgi cases).

I'll look for a way to register an event handler programmatically.

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