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Re: [pmf-dev] Basic rules of PMF and eclipse talks

Yves, in the case of your way to read the proposal is the one that everyone understand :

Does it mean that the initial list was exhaustive ?
Does it means that new solution/technologies will be de facto excluded ?
Does it means that we need to create a new eclipse project for the same purpose : UI modeling ?

2009/12/15 <yves.yang@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> In general, projects are restricted from including things outside their
> scope. But I don't think the things Olivier are bringing up are
> obviously outside the scope. Therefore, Yves, you need to explain better
> why some things are considered OK to include in the project, and other
> things are not.
> So in the case of PMF, why is model-to-text transformations a natural
> part of the project, and model-to-model transformations not? In both
> cases, the point is ending up with artifacts (code, models, supporting
> files) that can be executed or interpreted by a runtime.

This template "JET" is in the proposal as a demonstrator. The proposal was
passed by project review. It is accepted by PMC and by the Community. Any
change must be proved in the same way.

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