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Re: [pmf-dev] Basic rules of PMF and eclipse talks

yves.yang@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Once again : why do you exclude live model transformations and keep
template based model transformations ? Why a such restrictive approach
for a framework design in incubation phase ?

Olivier, again, we are in eclipse project. We have some rules to respects. In eclipse, even it is an Open source project, we cannot do what we want.

In general, projects are restricted from including things outside their scope. But I don't think the things Olivier are bringing up are obviously outside the scope. Therefore, Yves, you need to explain better why some things are considered OK to include in the project, and other things are not.

So in the case of PMF, why is model-to-text transformations a natural part of the project, and model-to-model transformations not? In both cases, the point is ending up with artifacts (code, models, supporting files) that can be executed or interpreted by a runtime.