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[pmf-dev] Discussion about the 'core' metamodel

Hi All,

Current PMF core metamodel is a good starting point for exchanging points of view and starting a discussion.
Let me ask some questions :

==>What is the EMF minimum version requiered in PMF ? I ask this because we should use EMF generics in order to reduce its complexity, like E4 team did with modeled workbench.

==> I propose to split up the current core metamodel . As you know, EMF provides cross references options and metamodel inheritance.

 * why data management should be in a abstract/core UI metamodel ? of course one of the purposes of a UI is to display data, but it is not the only one.
We will probably have problems to integrate things different than a flat grid view of data (for instance Open Mashup effort, etc...)
Databinding should refer to UI model and UI datamodel, not be embedded into UI metamodel. We should be able to choose our databinding metamodel/model for the same UI model.

* I understand that the PMF core metamodel should not be tied to any particular platform, but at a high level or abstraction, there is a UIObject which contains mouse and key related elements, what will we do with that if we want to target a non mouse based platform (embedded devices) or a non keyboard platform (tactile, mobiles, etc...) ?

*On the same side, UIObject contains events handling informations, it is requiered at this level of abstraction ? Event Handling could be understood as a (contextual) decoration on existing UI components, in this case it will allow to reuse the same UI model in different contexts. Another point, is that a such modeling will make difficult a live rendering of the model.

* why do we use JavaLangObject in the core metamodel, what will happen if we target non java platforms (silverlight, flex, etc...) ?

I have tons of other remarks and I am really happy to start this discussion, if I misunderstood some point, please accept my excuse by advance.


Olivier Moises