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[platform-webdav-dev] FTP/Webdav in 3.0?

Is the FTP upload / target support supposed to be working in recent 3.0 builds? In the last few versions including I20040310 I can't get it to work. Right clicking on a project doesn't show the option that used to be there to connect to an FTP/Webdav server although there is a "Deployment Example" submenu which doesn't seem to be implemented. I can connect to the CVS team server fine but not to FTP. I can bring up the Site Explorer view and the Synchronize views, but selecting FTP Deployments from the Synchronize view just says "No changes in 'FTP Deployments'.

So is this a known problem, or something you need a bugzilla entry for, or just something I just don't understand how to use anymore? I looked for online help for it but didn't find any (either through Eclipse help or Search on the eclipse web site).