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Re: [platform-webdav-dev] FTP plugin not working for 3.0

I've never used WebDAV, so i don't know about it, i'm using org.eclipse.team.ftp_3.0.0 and since when the new Synchronize View has been introduced, at least up to M5 that is the last build i have installed, if you ask for "Synchronize with target" the "Synchronize view" does not open and nothing else happens. I guess this is due to the introduction of the new api for synchronization and that the plugin must be updated accordingly. Do you mean that there is a build in which this is already done?
If not, is it really necessary to open a bug to request the update of the plugin for the new api?
Let me know about this.

Indeed there may be a problem for which is worth opening a bug, because it is present also in the 2.1 version . If you keep "Site explorer" view opened and perform any action via synchronize, upload, or make new folder in the "New Site" panel that changes the content of the site itself, this is not reflected in the "Site explorer" view unless you close and reopen it. I think a refresh action should be provided for this view. What do you think about?

Regards,  Gabriele.

DJ Houghton wrote:

Please enter a bug report against Platform/WebDAV with details of your
problem including steps to reproduce it. I am able to share a project with
a WebDAV server and synchronize its contents without problems with the
latest integration build.


platform-webdav-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 12/10/2003 02:26:25 AM:

I'm using 3.0 for almost all my work, but i'm still stuck with 2.1 for a
few projects for which i need the FTP plugin that is not working for
3.0. I'd like to use a single version for everything so, please, could
you migrate FTP plugin to true 3.0 support for the  next M6?
Thanks,  Gabriele

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