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[platform-update-dev] Eclipse shared configuration


I had no success with the eclipse.platform newsgroup, that's why I'm
asking here.

I have read
and I am interested in creating a multi-user Eclipse installation with a
shared configuration (scenario #3): I have to prepare an Eclipse
installation & master configuration for my users.

For example, in need to provide preconfigured JDK definitions and Java
compiler configurations (mostly warnings & errors configuration) but it
seems they are stored in the instance area, not even in the
configuration area.

I'm wondering how I could easily provide these areas (and updates) to my
users... and how to set them read only (we're using Windows). Can
someone give me examples of deployments ?

Also, I don't fully understand the steps I have to take to create this
environment, especially the -initialize eclipse command argument.
Googling didn't help a lot and I would be very pleased if someone
explain me better.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.