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Re: [platform-update-dev] Incorrect use of proxy by update manager or eclipse platform?


Since 3.3 Update Manager switched to using the platform preferences and
support for proxies (see General>Network Connections). I am not quite sure
about the team to open the defect against but I would try with
Platform>Team first.


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Apologies if this is not the correct forum to ask this, but I seem to
have run into a proxy issue with Update Manager.

We use a corporate http proxy here, and do not have access to external
DNS.  Even though I've configured both Eclipse and the Update Manager to
use proxies, Eclipse is hanging when starting "Help->Software
Updates->Find and Install".

The reason could be that Eclipse (or the update manager I'm not sure)
seems to be attempting DNS lookups instead of directly using the proxy
settings (I say "could be" because I only see download.eclipse.org
lookups in an ethereal snoop).  This problem is varied - "Help->Software
Updates->Manage Configuration" is slow, but at least does not hang the IDE.

Could it be that if the update manager is to use a proxy, then it should
use it properly and without DNS?
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