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Re: [platform-update-dev] Difference between InstallRegistry and platform.xml


platform.xml is maintained by the update.configurator plugin. This plugin runs early in the eclipse startup, finding what plugins need to be installed, and calls osgi to install those plugins (bundles). At this point the install registry takes over.
So, the install registry has the last word in what is actually running. If you think this is confusing, I won't dispute it :-)


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01/19/2007 02:29 PM

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[platform-update-dev] Difference between InstallRegistry and        platform.xml

Can someone clarify the difference between the InstallRegistry versus the platform.xml? I understand that the platform.xml is a reflect of what is currently enabled in the platform, but not sure how the InstallRegistry relates, especially in terms of enable/install/disable/uninstall operations. I ran into a case where I had feature org.eclipse.test_1.0.0 in the platform.xml (but it wasn't in the installregistry), went to do an upgrade of that feature and noticed that it didn't disable the older feature but properly enabled the newer feature (ie., updated the platform.xml).

Any wisdom out there?


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