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[platform-ui-dev] multiple Keybinding configurations in the plan?

I am digging up a previous topic, the single keybinding configuration for the workbench:

Having a single keybinding configuration for the entire workbench is not sufficient.  Currently, the user can choose between "default" and "emacs" modes.  These modes only make sense for source editors, and do not apply to other types of editors, such as HTML editors.

An HTML editor might define new configurations called "frontpage" and "dreamweaver".  Now, if the user wishes to activate both "dreamweaver" and "emacs", which makes sense because these are completely orthogonal functions, he cannot.

Perhaps the solution is to add a new concept called a "domain", or some other vague grouping terminology <g>.  And, since the current UI for editing keybindings does not scale very well, it might make sense for plug-ins to start re-using the keybinding page under their own preferences subtree, instead of just adding and adding more and more entries into a global one.  This way, domains wouldn't be exposed to the user, but would be implied by the place where they found the keybinding page, for example, "Webtooling->HTML Keybindings".

As was discussed last time I brought this up, a workaround is to have the HTML editor use scopes as the way to implement its configurations.  But this means that the HTML editor cannot use scopes for what they were intended, so it could not define a "JSP" scope which inherited from the "HTML" scope.