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[platform-text-dev] JDT breadcrumb drop-down focus question.

I have a question wrt how the JDT editor breadcrumb handles switching focus when the drop-down shell is opened. I copied and adapted the JDT breadcrumb to use in the debugger and I'm seeing a couple of usability issues related to managing keyboard focus.

What I see is that when the breadcrumb drop-down is opened using the keyboard or using the drop-down action button, the focus is set to the drop-down immediately. However, when the drop-down is opened by mouse-clicking on one of the breadcrumb items, the drop-down is opened, but the focus is not set to the shell. Only when user clicks in the drop-down, if finally gets the keyboard focus. This has some ugly side effects, e.g. the scroll-wheel does not work on XP as expected and I still see bug 230222 when running on Ubuntu 8.04. On the other hand, I can see that having this behavior allowed bug 234330 to be fixed.

I'm very curious to hear your insights, but one option I'm considering is adding a MouseEnter listener to the drop down, and just grab the focus as soon as yhe user mouses over the drop-down. This would minimize the annoying behavior, but it doesn't seem like the "correct" solution.

Thanks in advance,