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Re: [platform-text-dev] Build Script

Hi Rob,

what you would need is a table that tells you in which project the block
editing code is, but that's currently not available. For block editing you
need SWT and Platform Text, which means you should checkout org.eclipse.swt
project and the correct OS fragment plus the 'platform-text' module (not
the project, the module).

Regarding block selection you might want to look at:
https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=8521 and then


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I'm aware eclipse is huge, I guess what I'm looking for is what the typical
development environment looks like for someone doing work on the eclipse
project. I realize it doesn't make sense to build the whole project from
source, only the parts that are being modified need to be in source. What I
have not found anywhere on the eclipse site, is a good developer quick
start. There is nothing that tells  you how to pull down the code and get a
build running. I would really benefit from anything like that if it exists.
I'm basically looking to add some block editing features that I think we be
a pretty great addition to eclipse and I wanted to play around a little bit
to get an idea on how hard it would be to add.


On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 8:46 AM, Daniel Megert <daniel_megert@xxxxxxxxxx>
  >I wanted to checkout the latest eclipse source
  What exactly. Eclipse is huge.


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  I'm a pretty experienced java developer and I've actually done some
  RCP programming in the past. I wanted to checkout the latest eclipse
  source and do a build to try my hand at adding a couple simple
  features . Is there a build script(maven hopefully) that will download
  all of the components i need to get a working dev environment up and
  running? Thanks in advance.

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