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[platform-team-dev] Eclipse Indigo with CVS issue

I am using Eclipse Indigo version 3.7.1. After installation, I deleted the following jar files related to CVS as I do not want to use the CVS plugin

1.       org.eclipse.cvs_1.1.100.v201109091335.jar

2.       org.eclipse.team.cvs.core_3.3.400.I20110510-0800.jar

3.       org.eclipse.team.cvs.ssh2_3.2.300.I20110511-0800.jar

4.       org.eclipse.team.cvs.ui_3.3.400.I20110510-0800.jar

5.       org.eclipse.cvs_root_1.3.100.v20110520-0800-7B78FHk8sF7BB7VAH5AYC5


However even after deleting these files, my CVS entries got deleted and I have to check out my CVS directory every time the entries get deleted. Is there any way by which I can have Eclipse not modify my CVS entries.


In inputs will be appreciated.