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Re: [platform-team-dev] org.eclipse.compare specific fields question

> Would it be possible to use the structuredDiffEditor,

I'm not sure what that is? Could you give me some more detail about it?

If you're looking for a way of displaying structural compare you could take
a look at org.eclipse.compare.structureCreators extension point[1] and a
nice example of using it here[2].


Tomasz Zarna

From:       Matthew Khouzam <matthew.khouzam@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:         <platform-team-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:       2011-03-03 00:05
Subject:    [platform-team-dev] org.eclipse.compare specific fields
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Hello world,
I am currently developing a plugin to compare two streams of events.
An event can be seen as an object with a timestamp, a title and a body.

I know the timestamps will always be different but I need to keep them
in the comparison, but not triggering a difference.

Would it be possible to use the structuredDiffEditor, or should I look

What I'm looking for is as follows


Time | EventName | payload           | Time | EventName |
payload           |
       1 |         Foo      |  Bar                 |    101|
Foo         |     Bar              |
       2 |         Foo      |  Foo                 |    102|
Foo         |     Bar              | <- Change
       4 |         Foo      |  Bar                 |    103|
Foo         |     Bar              |
       5 |         Foo      |  Bar                 |    104|
Foo         |     Bar              |

Thank you,

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