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Re: [platform-team-dev] VCM Problems

There is no general API to help you here. You would need to rely on the API for each VCM-Plugin (if they have API that allows this). As for the CVS plugin, there is no API for this and it would be difficult to do even using internal classes.

If you are trying to track commits and updates, you are far better off looking into facilities provided by the server. CVS supports server scripting which I believe can be used to gather information about the operation such as the revisions of the resources involved, etc.


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10/05/2004 10:28 AM

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[platform-team-dev] VCM Problems

Hello All,

I don't know wether I'm sending this to the right mailing list, I am just
desperate for help! So if you can please get back to me.
I am currently developing a tool/plugin set that needs to incorporate
features of the team plugin. My Problem is that I want all CVS/VCM
operations that are called by any VCM-Plugin, to be routed over my Plugin,
so I can take actions before and after the desired/fired Operation.
For example the User uses the CVS-Plugin and calls an update on a resource.
My Plugin is supposed to get version Numbers etc from the CVS after the
update, edit a file and then send the file to the desired repository
without the User taking further action. I know this probably sounds a
little bit "disturbing", belive me it is :)
Thank you very much for your Time & efforts I hope you can help me


Patrick Schneder

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