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[platform-team-dev] M9 Plans


Here is a summary of the plans for the Team and CVS components for M9. The 
following list has CVS and Team items mixed together while the component 
plans on the web have the individual list:

- (P1) Encoding support in CVS (22 votes in this bug!)
  * log message should respect encoding
  * file contents should respect encoding
  * other areas affected?
- (P1) SSH2
  * responsiveness (cancellation, password prompting...)
  * deadlock with multiplexed stream
- (P1) Complete synchronize workflows
  * prompting with synchronize
  * perspective switching
  * showing the sync view only for synchronize and not for merge/compare 
(how to prompt / wording with synchronize finish)
- (P1) Lock down background progress story with Erich
  * non-modal progress
  * non-user task prompting/status
- (P1) Synchronize Participant Lifecycle
  * ensure that synchronize models are not leaked
  * memory testing
- (P2) Improve behavior of background synchronize
  * could be nicer and not lock projects, but instead lock CVS meta tree 
  * stop if blocking a job running in the UI thread, would be rescheduled 
and restart later
- (P2) CVS breakage friendly (support checkout/commit/update if we can't 
parse output)
- (P2) Javadoc
  * synchronize apis
  * review old apis and update if required
- (P3) Synchronize View filtering support
  * a.k.a. remove from view
- (P3) Password/repository persistence
  * is it safe to persist passwords between sessions in the keyring file?
  * could the keyring be password protected?
  * could the repository locations be persisted in the CONFIG scope?
- (P3) Compare editor updating with associated IFile and IRemoteFile
  * need to PR compare to allow lifecycle of compare editor inputs
- (P3) M9-M10 Usability and use of new cheatsheets and intro pages?
  * empty views or wizards help the user move on...
  * empty sync view, then allow
  * intro page
  * cheat sheet

Cool Things:
- CVS date tag support (3 days)
- CVS change logs (3 days)
- CVS update -r (switch to another branch)
- CVS standard repos

More details at: