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[platform-team-dev] M8 testing

Here is the combined Team/CVS test plan for M8.  We've been busy the last 
month and have over 120 bugs fixed and many new enhancements. It will be 
hard to get full coverage, but we should focus on the new code to start 
with. As usual, any help is appreciated. 

I would recommend that testing be done in both new clean workspaces and 
alternately in huge workspaces (e.g. I use a workspace with all projects 
from dev.eclipse.org loaded).

Most of our milestone plan items have been met, with the exception of 
logical resources being postponed until after 3.0. We have also started to 
add documentation for the Synchronize APIs but beware that it is work in 

- [NEW] Problem markers in Synchronize View
- [NEW] Global synchronize action
- CVS Console (should not be enabled at startup anymore)
- [NEW] Synchronize prompting (before for perspective switching, after)
- Merging
- Replace With/Compare With
- [NEW] Ensure documentation is in the builds (javadoc and initial ISV 

- [NEW] FTP/Dav plug-ins ported to new sync APIs. Testing of export/import 
and synchronize view.
- Initialization of synchronize view with large workspaces (cancellation 
support and error recovery)
- [NEW] Sharing Wizard improvements
- [NEW] New release wizard
- Fixed SSH2 bugs