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Re: [platform-team-dev] Move/Rename project

No, there is no way to tell the difference. To me, this makes sense since conceptually there is no difference between a project move and a project rename (i.e. the project name and location on disk changes in both cases. Do you have a different take on this?


"Kadadi, Usha D" <Usha.Kadadi@xxxxxx>
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19/02/2004 09:11 AM

Please respond to

[platform-team-dev] Move/Rename project

I have a question regarding this method.

public boolean moveProject(IResourceTree tree,
                          IProject source,

                          IProjectDescription description,

                          int updateFlags,

                          IProgressMonitor monitor)Implements IResource.move(IPath,int,IProgressMonitor) and IResource.move(IProjectDescription,int,IProgressMonitor)

On entry on this hook, method. Is there a way to find out if a move is being performed or a rename ? Because both rename/move use the same method.